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Taking webinars to the next level.

Watchitoo provides an entirely new way to host a Webinar. Traditionally, webinars have involved very little audience interaction between the presenter and the audience of the Webinar. Watchitoo offers a host of sophisticated features that will redefine the way webinars are delivered.

WebinarsWith Watchitoo, the number of participants for your webinar is no constraint. Our real-time platform that can support thousands of viewers at once so you can deliver the same message to as many people as you want, at one time. Our revolutionary new layout manager intelligently rearranges the layout of your screen every time you bring a new person into the webinar. Your screen space is consistently organized for the most efficient use of space and so that your webinar presentation is delivered clearly and professionally.

Think of it as interactive web conferencing at its finest, where you can share rich content (HD videos, presentations, PDFs, documents, and more), move panelists or audience members in and out of the main area, mute/unmute individuals, change the size and location of windows, and pass control to a colleague. You can even prep participants in a Green Room staging area. Embed your webinar on your blog or site, or promote it on the Social Web.

Whether home or on the road, even across the globe, your attendees log in and see what you’re seeing in real time — every time.