Collaboration Made Easy
Meet, present and chat with your colleagues, prospects and friends easily and conveniently with Watchitoo Playground. Share important files then collaborate around them with up to 25 webcam participants.

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What is Playground?

whatIsPlaygroundChat with and present to your clients, prospects or team members ‘face to face’ with Watchitoo Playground. The cloud-based, hosted solution combines video conferencing with collaboration. Up to 25 people can connect via web cam to collaborate around nearly any form of rich media including presentations, documents, videos, images, etc. The cost-effective, easy to use platform is ideal for sales presentations, consultations, training and recruiting or online meetings.

onlineMeetingsOnline Meetings
Sales calls and product overviews are most effective in-person, but can be costly to travel and difficult to coordinate schedules. Playground makes ‘face-to-face’ meetings both cost-effective and time efficient.


customerServiceConsultations & Customer Service
Sometimes email or the phone just doesn’t cut it, especially when your customer needs more personal attention. Now with Playground, you can improve your customer service and offer your clients personal consultations.


Make interviewing and recruiting easy and efficient by video chatting with your potential hires, review resumes or previous work examples and present company videos, presentations or images to help you narrow your search or hire employees.


studyGroupsStudy Groups & Workshops
Help bolster understanding, improve academic performance and increase student interactions.


IntegrationPlatform & System Integration
Watchitoo Playground  can seamless integrate with platforms and systems to provide single-sign-on access for your employees , clients and users.

Watchitoo Playground is a cloud-based SaaS platform. There is no 3rd party downloads, so your participants are just a click away from meeting face to face.


Multi-Streaming brings collaboration to the next level. Playground allows multiple interactions with up to 11 active video participants. Upgrade to reach up to 25 video participants.


chatInteractive Chat
Participants can chat throughout the meeting. Chat posts can be dragged on to the stage to be part of the show.


CollaborationMultimedia Collaboration
Collaborate around nearly any form of rich media including presentations, videos, documents, images, etc.


secondScreenHD Screen Share
Share your screen in HD, select to show all of your screen, a particular region or follow your mouse. *Premium feature


Interactive whiteboard feature for participants to view and collaborate on. *Premium feature


recRecord for On-Demand Viewing
Record your classes to review at a later date or show to participants that were absent. *Premium feature


brandWhite-Label & Brand Customization
Customize colors, layouts and themes to match branding and look and feel of your website. *Premium feature

Keep on the Cutting Edge & Ahead of the Competition

cuttingEdgeThe need for innovative options to connect, collaborate and communicate continues to drive the marketplace. In this highly competitive environment, it is essential to offer cutting-edge solutions to enable your customers to increase revenue, promote their business, and provide better customer service. Watchitoo’s skinnable, feature-rich platform can easily integrate into another platform, system or web interface to provide a powerful, cost effective solution for your customers.

brandWhite Label
Distinguish yourself from your competition with a skinnable, white-label solution.


IntegrationSystem Integration
Leverage Watchitoo’s high-powered features to seamlessly integrate into another product or platform.


CollaborationMulti-Streaming Collaboration
Combine video conferencing with collaboration to provide an innovation, cutting-edge solution for your customers.


Provide an embeddable webinar platform for your customers to educate their customers, launch products or showcase thought leadership initiatives.


studyGroupsEducation & Training
Create the in-the-classroom experience without leaving your home or office.


customerServiceCustomer Service Video Chat
Improve communications and better customer service with face-to-face video chat.